Animals sometimes refuse food for no apparent reason. Donít bother trying new types of food if your animals have always been eating well. First check if the husbandry is still optimal, if not, correct this. After a few days you can try to feed again. Also remember that, during the breeding season, males will eat less, or even not at all. They have other things on their mind. Wouldnít you!If this is not the reason you can check the faeces for worms and flagellates, these are often the most common causes of anorexia.These parasites are reasonably simple to control, you donít have to lose snakes. For captive bred animals we use fenbendazole against worms. For animals caught in the wild, or of unknown origin, we use levamisol, because this also controles lungworms. Fenbendazole is not harmful if given slightly in excess. However, this is not an excuse for giving a random amount of medication. Levamisole is more harmful if overdosed. If it is not medically necessary we recommend medicines are not combined or given simultaneously.In the past I have lost 12 snakes following an incorrect recommendation from an ordinary veterinarian. You can imagine I felt fÖÖ..g rotten. For flagellate infestation I use metronidazole. The amount of medication to be administered is based on the body weight of the animal.Do not guess but weigh! For mites I spray tugon in the terraria and other surrounding areas. Everything must be cleaned properly after spraying. Cork, wood and other porous materials have to be destroyed, because they can present a huge risk of recontamination. You must disinfect again after 10 days and clean with fresh water. For the animals themselves I use only Frontline on day 1 and day 10.


tn_IMG_4625Be very careful if you are using medicines, and keep to the instructions which come with the product, otherwise it can be lethal.

For doses and medical advice we recommend you consult a veterinarian who specialises in reptiles. Donít mess around with any medication based on a vague suspicion. For example; you may see a snake with slight frothing at the mouth and suspect an RI. This is not necessarily so. It may have a bit of peat in its mouth and is trying to wash it away by producing a lot of saliva. This is how mistakes can easily be made. Donít gamble, thatís what you do in a casino!